Guidelines on Writing Paper/Manuscript

Paper should be written in English with the maximum 8 pages using the paper format stated below. All submissions are subjected to a double blind review process. The double blind review is a normal standard practice applies in many conferences. The main reason is to conceal the identity of the authors to the reviewers in order to avoid any bias judgment during the reviewing process. The following are several guidelines for preparing a double blind paper:

  • In the place of the authors' names on the front page, please put authors details.
  • Avoid from referring to your university, campus or faculty by name, use generalities.
  • Do not cite more than one past papers.
  • Please avoid statement like "In the previous work, we.."
  • Please omit your acknowledgment section too.

Once you have received the acceptance notification from the reviewer committee, you can always add the above information in your paper.

Submissions that allow this information on the author to be identified will be returned for modification or they will be edited by the reviewer committee that will remove the part that shows the author identification.

Format of Paper Guideline (in example)


How to Submit

(only full papers (not abstract) are accepted for review process)

Authors can submit their papers through one of the following methods:

Online Submission Facility (NOW OPEN)


E-mail (ciic[at]

*change [at] with @


Publication Opportunities: Journal Publications

All accepted papers will be published in one of these Journals after being selected (special issues):


Final Camera-Ready Paper Submission

Upon acceptance of your full paper, please prepare your final camera-ready paper using the paper templete (same as above) with complete modification according to the reviewers comments. Submit your final camera-ready paper in MsWord formats at our system not later than the deadline. In the place of the authors' names on the front page, please put authors details -for Camera Ready Only.